Quality Assurance

At JH Stålindustri, we are the experts in providing long lasting, stainless-steel tanks that meets even the most difficult specifications and the strictest requirements. We place the utmost importance on technical know-how and excellent customer relations. This helps us keep our quality at a premium level, and to a standard that our customers will love.

We Get to Know Our Customers

At JH Stålindustri Inc. we place a lot of value on building a relationship with every client. This is the most important step to ensure the quality throughout the full project. Through continuous dialogue, the product is adjusted and customized to meet all the demands of the customer.

Unlike our competitors, we also strive to educate our partners. In our advising process we use 3D drawings to turn complex technical terms into a digestible and visual learning experience. This often highlights new needs or brings out unseen challenges. As we discover these, we constantly adjust with the needs of our customers in mind until we have designed the product of your dreams.

Our Expert Engineering Staff Is Very Knowledgeable

When it comes to the actual calculation and design of our tanks, many things must be considered. This is where our many years of experience will benefit our partners. We have the necessary expertise of the entire project to guide your decision making.

We focus on choosing the right materials as well as use of special alloys for corrosion resistance. Furthermore, all pressure vessels adhere to the highest standards and are calculated in accordance with EN 13445. In addition, we can account for the use of a thermal cape if there is a need for temperature control. Finally, all tanks designed by our engineers can be delivered and installed.

Hygienic production

At JH Stålindustri we capable of manufacturing some of the most sanitary tanks on the planet. We have years of experience working as a supplier for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

That is why we know that the manufacturing of tanks for certain environments and demands requires a special kind of design. This is an area where we have dedicated most of our research to solving. As a result, we have the necessary designs and materials to ensure all tanks are self-cleaning and meet the strictest sanitary requirements.

Furthermore, we have the technical expertise to design tanks with CIP-Processes, including layout, placement, choice of washing design, and the turbine. We are also happy to do a riboflavin test of the final product, so we can demonstrate how efficient and effective the tanks can be.

Transparent Documentation

We place a concentrated effort on product documentation throughout the entire process. It is of crucial importance that the documentation is traceable and correct. To do this, we have developed a detailed database that keeps track of drawing revisions, parts used, material certificates, welding certificates, welding procedures, welding logs and more. It is a secure and simple act to ensure that we are always 100% transparent about our processes. The final product will always be delivered with full traceability in a logical and clear way.

Certificates and standards

For pressure vessels we calculate in accordance with EN 13445.

Our pressure free vessels use EN 13445 or EN 1993-4 / EN 14015.

Our craftsmen are certified in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 14732. We have many welding procedures in EN ISO 15614-1 to allow us to work with more alloys, including EN 1.4404 (316 l), EN 1.4539 (904L), EN 1.4462 (Duplex 2205), EN 1.4410 (Super Duplex 2507).