The food industry contains a unique line of production that has special standards on its products and processes. Every single product has different regulations and must be treated differently.

General requirements for specifications of stainless-steel tanks in the food industry are often the same as in the dairy industry. However, the food industry is significantly more nuanced than the dairy industry. Evidence of this can be found in the requirements for flavoring, color, viscosity, and many other aspects that apply to food.

Heating and Cooling

For processes in the food industry such as pasteurization and fermentation, heating and cooling of the process tank is a necessity. It is important that there is the correct combination of heating / cooling properties as well as insulation of the tank, to heat or cool your product within the desired time frame.

JH Stålindustri has been producing process tanks for the food industry since 1990, and in addition to the product, we can therefore offer our expertise and share our experiences when it comes to choosing a process tank for your particular process line.

Efficient Cleaning

JH Stålindustri CIP-Processes are directly connected to our heat exchangers and process tanks. Our CIP-Process is done through circulating a mixture of heated and non-toxic detergents through the system.

This special detergent works fast and will clean all the inner surfaces and prevent any contamination. The benefit of our CIP-Process is the equipment does not need to be opened for cleaning. Therefore, the need for spare parts and the constant maintenance involved with cleaning is minimized.

This comes with a lot of advantages such as fewer human mistakes, increased employee safety, more uptime, resource saving in the form of detergents and water, as well as a more consistent product quality.

By automating the cleaning process in the process line, the installation quickly pays for its own costs by saving on regular costs related to cleaning.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers for High Viscosity Products

It can be a complicated process to heat and cool products when you are working with products of high viscosity. The product’s viscosity structure can result in contamination of the process equipment. This is exactly what JH Stålindustri scraped surface heat exchangers are developed to avoid.

JH Stålindustri designs and produces stainless-steel scraped surface heat exchangers under the name of Rotapro. The Rotapro scraped surface heat exchanger is the result of many years of acquired experience from the industry. It has quickly gained a reputation in the industry as being able to heat and cool high viscosity products without contamination.

With many years in the industry, we can call ourselves experts

JH Stålindustri offers custom solutions which are based on our experience working with companies in the food industry. Our many years of experience in the industry involves the delivering of tanks, scraped surface heat exchangers and the design of process plants for the processing of food products. What this means is that you can be confident that you are working with a team that knows what they are doing.

More than anything though, our team is known for the support and information we provide to anyone who asks. From advice to production, we are here to help you create the solution you need.

Contact JH Stålindustri today if you want to know more about our work in the food industry, or our procedures. We can be reached on the telephone +45 86 47 90 44 or by e-mailing us at